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Development Capabilities

We are a team of passionate designers from wireless power transfer field. Not only hardware design, software design but also resonator development and communication protools, the team members in PowerWoW all has capabilities to develop these functionalities into highly integrated wireless power transfer systems. 

The products specified below are AirFuel compatible and meet regulatory certification, FCC and CE.

Custom Design

Besides the below off-the-shelf products, PowerWoW is also willing to provide custom design and development work to accommodate our customers’ specific requirements for diversified applications. As of today, we have developed several tailor-made products for the semiconductor industries, medical, furniture, hospitality and so on.
We look for opportunities to develop specific customer-focused products that can be used at different use cases for diversified markets. 

Transmitter Modules

These modules provide power to Receivers via a Resonator made of PCB or copper coil. Modules can be packaged in a variety of mechanical and electronic configurations.

10W- Transmitter

The Transmitters listed here are PTU CLASS defined by AirFuel and support 13W output for multiple PRU CATEGORY receivers charged.