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PowerWoW is formed by a group of people who has the passion and experienced in the fields of semiconductors/Power Electronics/Wireless Power Transfer Systems. Based on the wireless power technologies developed by PowerWoW, the aim of the company establishment is to provide system or module solutions of wireless power for applications where needed.

As Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and many other mobile phone manufacturers have put in much effort into the research and development of wireless power technologies, potential versatilities of the wireless power such as for NB, tablets, mobile phones and automobile on-board electronics have drawn vast consumers’ attention, and in the future, it may even replace some of the present conductive ways of power transferring, for example, adapters and cables.

In recent years, the mainstream of wireless power technology is gradually moving from the simple Inductive ways to a technology so called Magnetic resonance; the R&D team of PowerWoW consists of experts in this particular field and has developed our own magnetic resonance technology to provide world leading wireless power solutions. Patents that are related to our technology have been applied in many different countries. We look forward to creating an industry and market that is particularly focused on this special field, with the intention to provide a greater user experience in consumer electronics and a better way of power transferring to applications where conductive power is either inconvenient or impossible.

PowerWoW is dedicated to become one of the global major wireless power solution providers, with the expanding direction of providing users with convenient, safe, and reliable wireless power around the living environment.

At the present stage, PowerWoW is focused on the wireless power solutions for low power applications (typically 5W) while exploring potential wireless power applications in the medium power range (5 ~ 120W); this includes both the development of critical components and also the modules/system products.

Our ultimate goal is to create a safe and intelligent high power wireless charging system that can be used for applications such as automobiles.